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Originally printed on October 5, 2018 at Classic 107

With the municipal election only weeks away, we thought we’d delve into the role arts and culture plays in civic politics.

Alan Freeman is a cultural economist. He was the principal economists with the Greater London Authority for 10 years, and, up until just recently he sat on the Board of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Freeman, who makes his home in Winnipeg, has been working closely with Manitobans for the Arts–a group created in 2012 to advance arts, culture, heritage, and creativity in our province. They are a non-partisan, volunteer and member lead group that places arts and culture at the centre of our province’s prosperity and quality of life.

Earlier this week Classic 107’s Claudia Garcia de la Huerta sat down with Mr. Freeman in the studio to talk about arts and Winnipeg politics.

Before Claudia wrapped up her discussion with Mr. Freeman, he touched on the subject of productivity in creative industries and the myths that surround it.

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