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The Geopolitical Economy Research Group is thrilled to announce a new partner platform: Geopolitical Economy Report.

Geopolitical Economy Report is an independent news website dedicated to publishing original journalism and analysis. It was founded by its editor-in-chief, Benjamin Norton. You can follow Geopolitical Economy Report at its website, You can also find its YouTube channel.

Ben Norton has reported from numerous countries, including Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Colombia, and more. His journalistic work has been published in dozens of media outlets, and he has done interviews on Sky News, Al Jazeera, Democracy Now, El Financiero Bloomberg, Al Mayadeen, teleSUR, RT, TRT World, CGTN, Press TV, HispanTV, Sin Censura, and various TV channels in Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Ben writes a column for Al Mayadeen.

Geopolitical Economy Report grew out of Norton’s former outlet, Multipolarista, and its website will continue to host all of Multipolarista’s past content. As with Multipolarista, much of Geopolitical Economy Report’s material will be available in written and video format.

While a lot of geopolitical analysis fails to investigate the economic dimension of international politics, a lot of economic analysis completely erases politics and acts as though markets are guided by the invisible hands and have nothing to do with states or imperialism. For Norton, Geopolitical Economy offers a better analysis of the multipolar world that we’re in.

See Norton’s full announcement here.

GERG is excited to promote Geopolitical Economy Report’s first new program – The Geopolitical Economy Hour – which debuted in January 2023.

The Geopolitical Economy Hour will be a biweekly discussion between renowned economist Michael Hudson and GERG director Radhika Desai. You can catch the episodes at and on YouTube. Watch the first episode here.

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