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This webinar was organized by the International Manifesto Group  in collaboration with the Group for Research and Initiative for the Liberation of Africa (GRILA)

The webinar took place over Zoom and YouTube Live on Sunday, 12 December 2021 at 9:00AM EST. Here is video the entire event.

Our discussion presented African and Chinese viewpoints, focusing on the reciprocal contributions made by China and Africa in recent decades to each other’s economic and cultural development. It also addressed the task faced by Africa of optimising this relationship.


Ameth Lô, GRILA, author of “The Long March to Post-Capitalist Transition: Pan-Africanist Perspectives.” VIDEO

John Riddell, International Manifesto Group, founding director, Comintern Publishing Project.


Abayomi Azikiwe, is editor of the Pan-African News Wire, an international electronic press service on the affairs of African people throughout the world. VIDEO

Danny Haiphong is a socialist activist, writer, and political analyst. For the last five years, Haiphong has been a weekly contributor to Black Agenda Report. His articles have also appeared in publications such as MintPressNews, Counterpunch, The American Herald Tribune, The Center for Global Research (Canada) and The Herald (Zimbabwe). Haiphong has frequently appeared on Black Agenda Radio, CPRNews with Don Debar, The Taylor Report, RT, and Sputnik International. VIDEO

Barry Sautman, professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is a specialist in international law and its application to Africa-China relations. He is co-author. VIDEO

Huang Chang is an associate of the Chinese Academy for Social Sciences, a writer on China-Africa relations, and the author of Chinese Studies in Africa. VIDEO

Kristin Plys, a member of GRILA, is a professor of sociology at the University of Toronto. She is co-author, with Charles Lemert, of “Capitalism and Its Uncertain Future.” VIDEO

Pablo Idahosa is a professor of African Studies at York University, Toronto, with a specialty in national development and modernity in Africa. VIDEO

Yan Hairong, a teacher at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is co-author, with Barry Sautman, of “East Mountain Tiger: China, Africa, the West, and ‘Colonialism’ in Africa.” VIDEO

This article was updated on Dec. 15, 2021.

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