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The Chris Freeman Centenary Lecture Series – Innovation Systems-101 – is an online lecture series that will take place over Zoom. The series will be starting January 7  and ending April 1 of 2021, with lectures at 2:00-3:00pm GMT. The target audience is budding researchers, grad-students and inter-disciplinarians who aspire to use the analytical frame of Innovation Systems (IS) in their research, but lack a thorough grounding in theory.

Christopher Freeman is the founding father of modern Innovation Studies. His influence on the discipline (and also the scholars involved), has been phenomenal. This online lecture series is a tribute to Freeman, in his birth centenary years.

Senior Innovation-scholars will chair sessions and discuss over the course of the series. These include Bengt Åke Lundvall, Alan Freeman, Giovanni Dosi, Francisco Louça, Edward Lorenz, K.J. Joseph, Franco Malerba, Mammon’s Muchie, Manuel Mira Godinho, Rasigan Maharajh.

Find more information and register for free here.

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