Conference Speakers

Opening remarks: Joanna Gwiazdecka and Melegh Attila in the name of Kari Polanyi Levitt

Introductory roundtable: Radhika Desai, Margie Mendell, Alan Freeman, Tamás Krausz, Attila Melegh, Eszter Horváth

Attila Melegh: Embeddeness in a Socialist Mixed Economy

Annamária Artner: Encirclement and the Vanguards

Andrei Kolganov: Historical Aspects and Lessons of the Nep

Aleksandr Buzgalin: Theory of Post Capitalist Mixed Economy Content, Trends, Contradictions

Alan Freeman: Capitalist Planning What Can Socialism Learn, and What Does It Have to Teach

Boris Kagarlitsky: Is Reindustrialisation Coming Dilemmas of Post covid Reconstruction

Cheng Enfu, Liu Zixu: Prioritizing the Development of a Mixed Economy Controlled by Public Capital

David Lane: The Ambiguities of State Capitalism

Eszter Bartha: Workers’s Culture and Ideology in the Consolidated Kádár Regime

Ernesto Flores: Sierra The Survival of the Agrarian Commune as an Alternative to Capitalism

Elena Veduta: Cybernetic Planning of the Economy

Fred Block: Conceptualizing Socialism as Democratized Habitation

Gladys Hernandez: The Ordering Process in the Cuban Economy

Gavin Rae: Primitive Accumulation in Post Socialist Capitalism

József Böröcz: Socialism and the Quantity of Life

João Pedro Stédile: Landless Workers Movement (Mst) View on a New Type of Agrarian Reform

Ljudmila Bulavka: Cultural Revolution and Socialist Trend in Mixed Economy

Mick Dunford: The Chinese Path to Socialism in the First 100 Years of the CCP

Mihály Sárkány: Kenya and Self Sufficiency

Michael Burke: Socialist Independence and Independence Without Socialism

Prabhat Patnaik: Peasant Agriculture in the Transition to Socialism

Roland Kulke: The Current Debate in the Left on Democratically Planned Economies

Radhika Desai: The Soviet Monetary System and the Functions of Money in Socialism

Raquel Varela What Would Labour Be Like in a Socialist Society

Savvas Matsas: The Death Agony of “Free Market” and Socialism

Tamás Krausz: Lenin’s Socialism – From the Perspective of the Future Some Considerations

Tamás Gerőcs and András Pinkasz The Interdependence of Socialist Hungary’s External and Internal Bal

Tütő László: What Makes Socialism Read by Attila Melegh

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