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The war in Ukraine does not exist in a vacuum.
This virtual panel discussion will try to connect the dots between the US/NATO proxy war in Ukraine with related events in West Asia (AKA the Middle East), such the US proxy war on Syria, the Caesar Sanctions on Lebanon, the campaign of “maximum pressure” on Iran, the Saudi war on Yemen, and the tightening noose of occupation in Palestine.


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This event is the contribution of the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War to the Canada-wide weekend of action to “Stop The War” in Ukraine & to “Stop NATO”, running from Feb 23rd to 26th, organized by the Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network.
Rick Sterling is a Canadian-American working full time in support of anti-imperialist struggles internationally. In addition to being a Syria Support Movement board member, he’s current board president of Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center as well as Task Force on the Americas. Rick has been to Syria numerous times and has written many articles about the conflict.
Marwa Osman, PhD., is Assistant Professor at Lebanese International and Maaref Universities. She produces/presents “The MideaStream” on Press TV. She’s International Affairs Advisor to the Secretary-General of the Global Gathering in Support of the Choice of Resistance and mother of three.
Dr. Atif Kubursi is President of Econometric Research Limited which he founded in 1972. He is also Emeritus Professor of Economics at McMaster University and served as Undersecretary-General of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia 2006-2008. He is the author of many books and hundreds of scholarly articles.
Guest appearance by Dr. Paul Larudee, Chair, Syria Support Movement, who will describe how best to send earthquake aid to Syria in the face of unilateral and illegal western sanctions on Syria.
Host: Brendan Stone, co-chair, Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War
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