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A discussion with award-winning documentarian, Anand Patwardhan on the state of cultural resistance in India. The discussion was moderated by Dipti Gupta, filmmaker and professor at Dawson College in Montreal. The discussion was filmed January 24, 2021.
Click here to watch the discussion.

Anand Patwardhan is known for his socio-political and human rights-oriented documentary films. His notable films include A Time to Rise (1981),  Bombay: Our City (1985), In Memory of Friends (1990), In the Name of God (Ram ke Nam) (1992), Father, Son, and Holy War (1995), A Narmada Diary (1995), War and Peace (2002), Jai Bhim Comrade (2011), and Reason (2018) which have won national and international awards.

This event was co-hosted by:
Montreal: Cinema Politica, Ceras, Teesri Duniya Theatre, Mel Hoppenheim Cinema in the Midst of Struggle, Dawson College
Vancouver: Dr. Hari Sharma Foundation, South Asian Film Education Society, South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy
Winnipeg: Punjabi Literary and Cultural Association, Democracy Equality and Secularism in South Asian and Geopolitical Economy Research Group
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