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In this webinar, speakers discussed the results of the Italian elections, the rise of the far right, a defeated the left and the implications for the EU.

This webinar took place on Saturday, 12 November 2022. You can watch the webinar here.


About this event

In this webinar, co-sponsored with La Cittá Futura, speakers will review the results of the Italian elections and help us understand the extent and significance of the far-right advance and its root causes. They will also reflect on the implications of this for the EU and whether we can expect similar developments in other EU countries. The causes of the foreseeable serious defeat of the left, unable to develop a unitary platform, will also be examined.


Angelo d’Orsi was Professor of the History of Political Thought at the University of Turin. In addition to the history of ideas and cultures and intellectual groups, he devotes himself to questions of methodology and history of historiography. He directs the Bibiliografia Gramsciana Ragionata (Viella, 2008), Historia Magistra. Rivista di storia critica and Gramsciana. Rivista internazionale di studi su Antonio Gramsci . He also writes for and collaborates with various newspapers.

Ascanio Bernardeschi is a graduate in political economy. He has continued to combine the study of this discipline with political militancy in the PCI and, after its dissolution, in the Rifondazione Comunista. He is part of part of the political collective linked to the journal “La Città Futura” and teaches courses in Political Economy at the “Antonio Gramsci” Popular University.

Francesco Cori is a teacher of Humanities. He also teaches psychology courses at the “Antonio Gramsci” Popular University. He is part of the political collective linked to the online newspaper “La Città Futura”.

Adriana Bernardeschi graduated in philosophy, worked in the publishing field as an editor of fiction and school books. She began doing politics in 1987 in the FGCI, after the dissolution of the PCI she joined Rifondazione Comunista and later the PCI. Today she is part of the political collective linked to the journal “La Città Futura” of which she is director.

Modator – Giuliano Marrucci is a professional publicist. He collaborates with the national public television Rai 3 in the investigation program “Report”. He founded a web TV on the Twitch platform, “Ottolina TV”, of which he is the main animator and which is characterized by documented and in-depth counter-information, despite the extremely accessible and brilliant language.

Interpretation was provided by Giada Ragoni and Francesco Delledonne.

This article was updated on November 12, 2022.



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