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It was taken seriously in the USA that war between China and America is inevitable. The US is blaming China for its own decline.

Alan Freeman, a former principal economist with the Greater London Authority and the co-director of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group joined the Thinkers Forum in discussing why the USA’s decline is not China’s fault.



The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastating disruptions to our society. It has forced us to reflect upon the failings in the prevailing economic, social, and political models. As the world adapt to the “new normal”, we need to explore a theoretical approach that is pragmatic and effective enough to serve the common interests of humanity.

The Thinkers Forum is an international non-profit organization. In seeking answers to the ways forward, we bring together the world’s foremost thinkers, scholars, entrepreneurs and business leaders to discuss the pressing contemporary issues that go beyond the scope of the western agendas.

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