An upcoming webinar from Friends of Socialist China and GERG - June 26, 2021

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This webinar will explore how China has been able to carry out the most extensive poverty alleviation program in history, and what lessons there are for humanity.

A Panel Discussion from the International Manifesto Group

The Violence of Nonviolence
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A Geopolitical Analysis of the Social and Health Effects of Sanctions

A GERG Panel Discussion at the Society for Socialist Studies' Annual Conference

Understanding and Engaging China From the Left
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In a session of the Society for Socialist Studies' Online Conference Socialist Solidarities in Times of Crisis, this GERG panel hopes to help the left understand and engage China.

A Panel Discussion from International Manifesto Group

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A critical part of understanding China today is understanding its social character: is it (state) capitalist or (market) socialist? What are the relevant facts?

A Panel Discussion co-hosted by ANTICONQUISTA, Qiao Collective and the GERG

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Far from another imperial power aiming to subordinate Latin American countries to its own interests, China’s presence in the region presents opportunities to pursue economic development without having to submit to neoliberal imperial preferences.
This panel discusses progressive movements and governments in Latin America and their relationship with China.

A panel discussion from the International Manifesto Group

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This panel, composed of specialists on the US, China, Russia and other parts of the world, reflects on the document and what role, if any, the Longer Telegram will play in the already disastrously unfolding foreign policy and New Cold War of the Biden Administration.

Radhika Desai

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This seven-part, multi-week series of articles analyzes the COVID-19 pandemic, ramifications in countries around the world, and what it means for the future of world capitalism.

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Europe in the New Cold War

  Tensions are rising in Europe between US-oriented forces and those that are turning toward the East. This panel analyzes these tensions, the forces and interests involved, and the evolution …

Debt Problems in G7 Countries?

In a this presentation to the International Manifesto Group, Óscar Ugarteche discusses the economic problems and prospects facing the G7 countries. He compares levels of growth, the rise of debt …