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The Third World Cultural Forum, together with its Second Sub-Forum on Chinese Culture, was held in Weihai on May 29–30, 2021, co-sponsored by the Division of Marxism of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), the Office of Theoretical Research and Construction Project for Marxism (CASS), the Center for Economic and Social Development (CASS), the School of Marxism at Shandong University (Weihai) and the Dongfang Yi Group. The theme of the conference was “The Centennial Footprint of the Communist Party of China (CPC): Mutual Learning between Party Cultures and Diverse Civilizations of the World.” More than 100 experts and scholars from over 10 countries engaged in discussions through a combination of online and offline methods. Presented here is the one-hour video of the recording of the forum, for international viewers who might be interested. For any questions or comments, please send emails to [email protected].

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