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The website of the International Working Group on Value Theory is back online.

A new feature is volume 1 of our journal, Critique of Political Economy, available free of charge. Its contents are listed below.


Critique of Political Economy, Volume 1

Editors’ Note: Introducing COPE


• David E. Kaun, Nature and Significance of Increasing “Economic Freedom” Around the World: a skeptical view

• Andrew Kliman, Marx’s Reproduction Schemes as an Unbalanced-Growth Model

• Ali Murat Özdemir and Gamze Yücesan-Özdemir, Law, Labor, and Society in Turkey: the new Labor Act in a wider social context

• Nick Potts, Valuation in the Presence of Stocks of Commodities: exploring the temporal single-system interpretation of Marx

Review Essay

• Geoff Tily, Another “Useful Fiction”?: A review essay on Backhouse & Bateman, The Cambridge Companion to Keynes

Symposium on the Value-Form Paradigm

• Introductory Note

• Alan Freeman, Money, Labor, and Logic: a critical comparison

• Andrew Kliman, On Capitalism’s Historical Specificity and Price Determination: comments on the value-form paradigm

• Michael Posner and Maya Gonzalez, Capitalist Production and Social Form: the paradox of the value-form paradigm

• Patrick Murray, Avoiding Bad Abstractions: a defense of co-constitutive value-form theory

Book Review

• Ian J. Seda-Irizarry, Review of Andrew Kliman, Reclaiming Marx’s “Capital”: a refutation of the myth of inconsistency

The Economic Crisis: a call for papers

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