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On October 9, 2021, Friends of Socialist China hosted an international webinar to discuss the intensifying information warfare being waged by the US and its allies against the People’s Republic of China.

Presenters discussed the relationship between this propaganda onslaught and the New Cold War; the reality in Xinjiang and Hong Kong; the participation of sections of the Western left in the propaganda war; and more.

The statement launched at the meeting can be found here.

The event was co-sponsored by the Morning Star, the Grayzone, Pivot to Peace, the Geopolitical Economy Research Group, the International Manifesto Group, and Qiao Collective.

Panelists and Their Opening Statements

Radhika Desai

Danny Haiphong

Li Jingjing

Chen Weihua

Daniel Dumbrill

Jenny Clegg

Kenny Coyle

Ben Norton

Michael Wong

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